Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It Stinks...

Jellybean candles
When you go to the shops are you one of those people that just have to touch fabric,
rub your hand over smooth wooden items
or open things to sniff...
it they aren't wrapped?
I'm unfortunately one of those terrible people!

My niece and I came across these Jelly Bean Candles,
I thought they were just describing the colour until I opened them and had a sniff...mmm
My niece was so hilarious as she told me the bubble gum one smells like playdough,
the Lemon Lime one was stinky
but she loved the Cinnamon one and wanted to bring it home!
No way at £5 a tin.

I'm not a touchy feely person
and don't really like people hugging me unless of course its my niece
there is just something different about her hugs and kisses
its just hard to describe and she knows how to use them too.
Anyway if I love the print of fabric someone is wearing I have to touch it
or if someone shakes your hand and there's is so smooth I may comment on it and touch it again (creepy!)
Its because my own are like sandpaper and I was thinking that for this blog I'd love to do some tutorials but theres no hope as my hands are so rough looking and my nails nothing exciting....
so I may not I'll see! I'm not vain honest but I've seen some of your blog posts with perfect mancured nails mine would be scary.

You'll be happy to know though that I admire silky smooth looking hair from a far and can just stand there wishing mine looked like that instead of the frizzy bush that it is, which is why I keep it longish (it was too long before) and tie it back.

What type of person are you?


  1. I think I am totally the one who shops with her eyes. My mom always complains, when we go shopping, that I never touch things and take them out and see them. I scan everything with my eyes and if I really like something I touch it.
    I am not too touchy feely with strangers, it takes me a while to get physically close to people. I am deeply jealous of people who have natural curly and dark hair. I'd kill for your hair color. BUt yes, I mostly keep my hair in a pony tail because I never know what to do with it.

    I have the most awful hands and nails. I have a nickel allergy. If I touch, eg money, frequently, the skin on two of my fingers (that's the weird part!) peels off and I have the habit of chewing my nails (I confess!) but I'd love to have well done nails. I had fake nails, quite expensive ones, but it was just not my thing as I kept bumping into things with them and hit everything :D

    The candles sound interesting, I would try one, I guess, even if they are pricy :P not sure.

    1. I usually look at things and if they look pleasing to my eye and then I will of course touch it, I just can't help it.

      I said I was not a touchy person but in this post it makes me to be exactly that but its very rarely I do those things to people especially with their hands as smooth as a baby's bottom as they say :).

      Thats weird you like curly hair as mine was as a child but now with it being long its frizzy so I can't help feeling jealous of those people with silky smooth looking straight hair.. I want that especially since it will look great as a bob cut. I'm the same too as I never know how to style my hair, as its frizzy but also fairly thick.

      Oh! A nickel allergy sounds awful I can't imagine it at all. My sister is the one who can't wear jewellery out of us for that reason too and I'm glad I don't have it.

      I'm not a candle person but if I was I guess I would try it.

  2. I came across Jelly Belly candles once, but they were in jars, and about $7 for 4 or 5 of them. The pear and green apple were my favourite. Cinnamon was pretty good too, though I found it a bit strong. Too bad those ones cost so much :(

  3. Amy that does seem so much cheaper especially with them being in a jar and these are only tins. The smell was strong as it states on the tin.


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