Thursday, May 3, 2012


I dream of....
  • having more time to craft but also being able to create the items that I think of so often in my mind! I hope to either photograph or video things I'm making as a way for you too make those things too but I'll have to see how much energy I have to do it.
  • trying out fun and interesting new recipes, I am at some point going to start blogging about them again so that if any of you are interested in Pakistani food you can try out those recipes. I need to start blogging about all those things again. Remember if you ever have any questions or want to know something just ask, its a perfect excuse then for me to blog.
  • leaving my job and being home full time... would be so great! I think so anyway!
  • getting fit... I know I joined the gym but due to the location, time and the people it didn't agree with me at that time but I'd love to go again. I was thinking lately I'd love to one day take part in the race for life but walking as I'm no runner and would probably look like a penguin if I tried.
  • supporting another charity as I used to support a couple but only support one right now. Hopefully I'll get that house some day soon so that I know exactly what I can afford as I still want to be able to do my snail mailing even with the postage prices going up so much.
  • going back to studying one day soon, I'd really love to even though I have no idea of what I'd like do actually do when I grow up!
  • going to Pakistan as its been 5 years since I last went and I miss it. My husband asked me if I wanted to go this year even though I haven't had this conversation with him but I said no as I feel guilty with still living at home. Also though it will be Ramadan the first couple of weeks into my summer holidays.... hopefully next year as then it will probably be a week and I'll celebrate Eid there for the first time ever. I doubt though it will be any different to here.

  • What do you dream of?


  1. I like that, what you wrote! I agree with you on studying, but neither do I have an idea what I really want to do...
    I wrote a letter in my challenge, that explains how I see dreams.... but... maybe I would love to go to Australia. But most of all, I want to find my happiness again, stop taking pills and be my old self. That is all I ask for!

  2. I agree with the last 2, I'd love to travel but I don't see myself ever doing it but after I'd posted this post I thought about good health too. Hopefully everything will work out for you soon :)

  3. Found you :) Have time to study and the money to do it as well would be great. I dream of more time to do crafts and have more motivation as well!

    If you work full time, you sort of end up to just have the weekend for projects


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