Thursday, May 24, 2012

Childhood Plants...

Did you have fun with plants as a child? I sure did.....

1. Checking under your friends chin with a buttercup to see if they ate lots of butter.
2. Daisy Chains
3. Peeling twigs to reveal the whiteness underneath which was so smooth, lovely and definately relaxing....
4. Cooking spinach and other such green vegetables using plants
5. Picking all the lilacs off their stem and threading them to make necklaces. I can smell them even now.
6. Cress sock heads
7. Growing plants at school
8. Blowing Dandelions so that your wishes came true.
9.Grass/Leaf Blowing so it makes a sound.

What do you remember about plants from your childhood?


  1. Did you know that if you take the caulis from a dandelion and cut it on the sides (basically, it should look like a H - I hope you get what I mean...) and then put it in water it will curl up? That's what I did a lot :)

  2. i love plants and flowers i just can't grow them myself

    1. I've never tried growing them but I think I'll be awful at it.

  3. Blowing Dandelions is a memory I have indeed and it is something my grandsons love to do also..........


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