Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sarah Crossan~The Weight of Water~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 99p
Reason I choose it: It was part of the Kindle Spring Sale, the reviews were good on it but most of all I'd never read a book written in verses.

Kasienka's and her mother travel from Poland to England in search of her father who walked out on them some time ago. They had no idea where he had gone until one day her mother received a letter from him and she looked at the postmark which is where the decision came to make the journey to Coventry to look for him.... Her mothers idea of looking was to buy a map from a charity shop and to knock on every single door crossing off where they did not find him....

In the mean time Kasienka's heart is breaking as she's been put a year behind in school, she has no friends, everything is grey and the studio flat  they are living in isn't welcoming. She just wants to go back to Poland.  Her only solace is to go to the local swimming bath to swim where she spots a boy 2 years above at the swimming pool which eventually turns into a great friendship.....

She eventually proves herself at school and is moved up to the correct year group, there she is welcomed into a group but just as suddenly is casted out without any real reason which leaves her feeling lonely and confused. She eventually stands up for herself when she proves she is just as good as any of the children in her class.....

My opinion
I was at the point of not buying this book but I'm so glad I did as for a short story it was packed with all the things most teens experience in their life.... change of school, bullying, separation, a parent lost to illnesses, relationships etc...

It also was quite nice reading the book in verses as it was quick paced, got straight to the point in a few lines and moved on. Before I knew it the book had finished.

I think this book should be used as part of the school curriculum with it having covered so many topics but mostly because it will help many children understand how they may make people feel when they are new to the country or school. I also think every teacher should read it as many points I have noticed in schools, one being saying childrens names wrong or just choosing to call them a name that suits them because they can't be bothered pronouncing the name properly.



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