Friday, July 25, 2014

A little bit of news

I've finally bought a house!! I made an offer on this house around Easter. Its been dragged out for so long and I assumed it was the solicitors not pulling their finger out in getting things done quicker. What was I supposed to think when they claimed to close at 5pm 4 days a week and 4pm one day yet when ever I phoned after work the person I wanted had gone home at 2pm.

Its only this week that it came to light that its the actual sellers that were being a pain in the backside. I was supposed to have the house on the 18th July but the seller wasn't ready! Then it was said on Wednesday 23rd, only I got told that one of the sellers still had things in the house that they wanted to sort out yet the last 2 times I went to the house it was empty!! My messages to the solicitors were ignored as no one got back to me and then finally at 9:30am today I got a phone call telling me to go and collect the key.

I got a really rude note from the seller at the end of it all, the estate agents got a telling off but hopefully that is the last of the negativeness.

It doesn't feel the least bit real, there is so much that I want to do on the house but its going to have to be a gradual process. The garden is something I'll either get to tackle next spring or in about 2 years time... I want more paving, less shrubs at the front, a bigger sitting area at the back and a not so thorny back garden as I got stabbed, scratched and attacked by them.

I hope to share many more adventures with you involving this house.


  1. Congratulations on buying a house! I know this has been a dream of you for so long, it's great to see it finally coming true!
    Good luck with moving and making yourself at home - I'm sure it will be a wonderful process to decorate and renovate everything to your own taste over the next few years :)

  2. Congratulations! I`m so glad you finally find a house you like.

  3. I love your house! I'm sure with your endless creativity you'll turn it into a wonderful home :-).
    Take care and good luck with all the work!
    Love Marjolijn


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