Friday, August 2, 2013

Hidden Gems

For some years now I've really wanted to own a gadget where I could create those embossed plastic labels. I've always thought about it but never done anything to get one. It wasn't until I created a couple of things lately that I thought I really need one.
The problem was I didn't know what it was called to go in search of it and that's where Yahoo Answers came in handy as I was told about Dymo. I looked it up, choose one and then asked my younger brother about whether they had anything like it at work. He checked and said 2 of their suppliers sold them so will have a look when he went to work. Only he got to work and someone recommended this.. 
I've done a few projects this year where I've needed to write on a package. My minds always gone to one of there label makers but I didn't know what they were so yahoo answers came to the rescue. All mentioned dymo but my younger brother was recommended t
Looking at the cartridge prices etc... this worked out cheaper. It only came with a paper tape at the moment but after searching online on Wednesday I came across a seller that lives a couple of street away on eBay. When I asked about collection they were so rude and said no, yesterday we had no internet due to the company doing some work which meant I didn't see that e-mail until today. I started looking around to see if it would be worth it for me to buy from there. It was my lucky day as my younger brothers work place came up as supplying it.  I texted him with all the details, he's ordered it and now I need to wait patiently to get them. If you decide to get this I recommend buying a charger for it as other wise you need 6 AAA batteries. I've got some rechargeable batteries but I'm waiting for an adaptor. It's much bigger then I thought so I know the batteries won't last long. 
This label maker is a present from my older sister.
These I bought whilst in the city and they are so comfy, like a pair of slippers. My feet are slightly swollen due to some meds I've been taking so they are bliss (everything else is too small just now !) #pumps #shoes #purple #sparkle #wallis
When I went to collect my label maker that my brother had reserved, I visited a couple of shops and came across these shoes that look like slippers and feel like it too. They are completely bliss on my now slightly swollen feet. They are from Wallis even though we only have a tiny Outlet with a couple of the high street names selling there.
Whilst I was there I suddenly felt like going to Saltaire, its not really somewhere I visit or feel a need to go to but for some weird reason I did that day so I went as I thought I could pick up some postcards too.
I asked my younger brother about a new gadget I wanted to buy. Yesterday he checked at work and someone recommend a different make so reserved that for me. I went to buy it today, also thought to get some postcards but there were none :(. I decided to mak
I visited the gallery, then only picked up that one postcard as last time I went (about 3 years ago) they had postcard booklets but this time they only had individual ones which weren't my thing. As well as buying these 2....
I bought a wrapping paper book from Yozocrafts which I loved and mostly use it to wrap my graze boxes when sending packages. I really wanted some more but the price put me off a little as the sheets are small. I came across a table full of booklets that I couldn't decide which ones to get and in the end I choose these 2. The first is a Turkish theme one the 2nd paisleys as I usually like them but this booklet I didn't like at all once I took the plastic off. I'll still use it though and I'm sure it will look nicer when covering my packages.
I left the gallery and visited two shops opposite, the first I bought this...
I crossed over the road to a handmade shop and saw this bag. The bag I got at new year turned out to be such a disaster that its taken me this long to find one I liked. It's brilliantly made for handmade. The leaves are suede and its lined with a water pr
I just knew as soon as I saw it that it was for me. The lady tried to get me to buy the bigger one as it was only slightly more but I preferred the smaller one. I just love it.

In the next shop...

In the shop next door! Do I need to say more? it's my first set of mt tapes. I loved lots of other things. I didn't dare go to anymore shops after this! #mttapes #washitapes #squares #stripes
I could have gone insane but I'd already spent a fortune that day. They had fluorescent  plain tapes and giant ones. They also had a label maker with neon tapes but it was a small plastic thing so I was relieved I didn't see it earlier as I may have bought it.
After that I decided not to visit anymore shops as it was getting quite lethal.
Have you had some fun shopping sprees lately?


  1. I love the wrapping paper books by Yozocraft. I think both of the themes (Turkish and Paisley) are really wonderful, well, at least that's how I see it from this post :)
    Anyway, as for me, yes, I also had fun shopping lately,but instead of stationery, I'm more into ready-made head scarves for Eid and I splurge most at my fav. boutique/shop :)
    May you have a wonderful Eid :)

  2. I'm such a sucker for cute tapes! Seems like I can never get enough. I also nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! Hope you have a peachy keen day!



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