Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm still Alive!

I know I've been quiet here lately, I just haven't been feeling well... still lacking energy and anything else that I need, I've another month of vitamins to get through though before the doctor will take me seriously (or not!). Last week was my week off and I had the most hideous cough that only flared up at night and I couldn't sleep so was falling asleep around 4am-5am and then I couldn't wake up. I did however make the most of my holidays but as always its sad when they end... 7.5 weeks until my next big one... yeah! Even though Ramadan will start in July.

Anyway I decided to share some pictures of life lately via Instagram...
Baby bro has now joined us in the 30s, time to celebrate.
My baby brother turned 30 last month, it never bothered me getting older but it really hit home him turning the big 3-0. It's weird to think we'll be 40 before we know it. I bought him a lovely fresh cream cake which he photographed but I didn't... I was really puzzled as to why the bakery charged me £2 extra even more so as my husband bought one for his sister this weekend which was.
The closest I'll get to a macroon #graze #box #grazebox #macroon #snack #ihopeittastesgood
I'm still enjoying my graze boxes and I can feel the difference with my body in the weeks I do have one. Last week I got a box with a segmented macaroon style on which is the closest thing I've had to one... I didn't enjoy it or my box this time which was so disappointing.
I finally got around to buying some items to make a sweet tree. The only thing is the wedding I wanted to make it for is over but there are many more invites to come #sweettree #flowers #plasterofparis #foamballs
I finally got around to purchasing nearly all the equipment I need to make another 2 sweet trees. I bought plain white pots which I'm going to decorate myself so I hope it works out well. The only thing left to buy are some sticks and sweets. I now need a wedding or event to make one for as the wedding I had hoped to make one for has been and gone. They only gave their invites a week before which left me no time to get organised and as I mentioned I wasn't well so it wasn't worth killing myself for anyone. I've bought the little flowers in case we decided to choose sweets that don't tessellate well then I can put those in to cover up the green foam. We were to have other weddings but so far they are hear say its a case of watch this space.
I think I threw some of my bags away so couldn't find one to use at a wedding so I finally got around to buying a neutral one and I love it #bag #wedding #seqins #black #love
As I mentioned I had a wedding to go to and when it came to taking a bag, I searched high and low but couldn't find where I'd put any of my bags. I thought maybe I'd thrown them all away when I had a real clear out last year. So when I went shopping I came across this and bought it only then to move some thing and find my other little black bag! This one is far prettier though :D.
I worked until 2pm today and then went to the park with my niece to enjoy the amazing weather! #listerpark #cartwrighthall #clouds #sky
Today was such a glorious day that we went to the park to enjoy it after work. The only downside is my husband went too and he wanted to go home after a short while or else I would have spent 2 hours there.


  1. Good to hear you are still alive and with us, hope your brother had a bloody great birthday........I hate it when you think you have a bag and when you go to find it it's The new bag looks nice though I do like bags

  2. alive and kicking!!! my brother turned 30 there as well ...soon we are all in the nursing home


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