Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding Day Bliss?

Bought this most amazing dress which needs to be seen yet for my sister in laws wedding but I'm going to have to give it back as further down 2 of those huge gems are missing, I'm gutted :(. #purple #pink #blue #gems #sparkle #dress #indian #pakistaniTo match the clothes I wear tomorrow #purse #bag #gems #white #purple #paisley #glittery #sparkleI bought these at the weekend, I'm debating about whether to wear these  which match the embroidery or purple ones #sandals #footwear #straps #lemonblue #lightblueI am sorting out my jewellery for my sister in laws wedding. In not a ring person. But this is one I love and wear on special occasions. Excuse my wrinkle dry hand #ring #purple #round #love #hand #gems
Here are some of the items I wore at my sister in laws wedding... I say some as I had a clothes malfunction so to speak.
  1. My dress had to be taken back 3/4 times due to some missing gems. Then when it came to sewing it my mum found it so hard to peel off the ones that needed to be peeled in order to sew it so many needles broke. The dress ended up a little wide but worst of all so low that I revealed a bit more then I desired and had to make sure I covered myself up.
  2. My purse I noticed in the car had some beads missing a long the top so after using it (as I had no choice by then), I gave it back but the store only does credits and not refunds. I now need to go back and chose something else.
  3. My sister had rushed us in to getting ready and leaving even though when we got there I had a long wait. In my rush I was fastening the strap and it broke! I could no longer wear those sandal and had to give them back. I liked them too much so got an exchange... hopefully those will survive.
  4. My ring is an old one but by the end of the night the main gem in the middle had fallen out. My sister wore my blue one in a similar style and the gem fell out of that too.
Still it all turned out alright on the night so to speak but doesn't it make you feel so damn unlucky?


  1. If the purse was fault then they should had given you a refund here in Aus they have to give a refund if an item is fault the stores have no choice although some will try and get away with saying no refund only store credit but the law says if an item is faulty they have to give a cash refund

    1. I agree as I had no extra money on me. The items were so expensive and in reality I didn't need what they had. Its the law here also but some get away with it, I guess you need to have the time and energy to argue such things.


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