Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunday Celebrations....

On Easter Sunday it was my nieces 4th birthday, it is such a weird feeling knowing that she is 4. She has been saying to me for months now that she can't wait to be as big as me so that we can play with each other. I told her one day after the millionth time she said it to me that when she is my age I will be older then my mum, this upset her so much that she didn't want to be 4 for a while. Then on her 4th birthday I said something and she told me she was still the same and hasn't grown now that she is 4. She really surprises me though with her conversation and what she has picked up.

I bought her a dress
Saw this #dress in a shop, told my sister to get it for my niece. She told me to get it for her birthday as we have a few weddings coming up. I just love it. #sparkle #sequin #velvet #bow #jacket
I saw this in the market and liked it a lot. I told my sister to buy it as we've got some invites to weddings and some possible weddings coming up this year that its nice to have some dresses for her to wear. She was in 2 minds about it and then in the end told me if I wanted I could get it for her birthday so I did. We had hoped to get some sparkly leggings and maroon shoes but we didn't find any anywhere. The shoes we found a pair in Debenhams but they didn't have her size, not even on the Internet.

Apart from her 3rd birthday I always make her a card, I didn't for last year as every time we went to the post office she admired the 3D Disney ones and one day she told me she wanted one for her birthday when she knew it was close by so when she wasn't with me I chose one.
I've no idea why I buy #decoupage sets its so limited what you can do with them but this is a rushed #card for my niece. #birthday #metoyou #tattyteddy #bear #cupcakeMy mum forgot to get my niece a card for her birthday and nearly all shops were closed yesterday so I ended up making this one up quickly #foreverfriends #card #bear #easter #spring #thread #yarn #teacup #teapot #blue #pink
She recently got introduced to Tatty Teddy Bears so I knew she would love one of the decoupages I had created and she saw them on my phone and picked the rabbit. I made up the card, wrapped the present and gave it to her mum for a family party in the morning where she'd open it all. When I went later I was looking at her cards and she came running to me saying look you gave me that one and I love it!
My mum was annoyed that she forgot to get her a card despite having bought her gift so I made the forever friends bear one for her to give. I haven't been to see what she would say about that one.
I hadn't planned on going over to see my niece for her birthday as my sister had planned a sleep over for 2 of her cousins and she didn't need all of us added to the equation too of sitting around and taking up space. My sister ended up phoning me and asking me to go round and from there we'll go to the fair which we had realised the day before was on so we went....
#funfair #ferriswheel#funfair #ferriswheel
I mentioned to my niece this was a Ferris Wheel and she turned round to me and told me she'd seen a big Ferris Wheel like this in London... she went to London a couple of weeks ago and will have seen the London Eye.
#Swings #funfair #snow #caravans#funfair #ducks #pickaduckprizeMy niece getting a duck #ducks #duck #funfair
You can't go to the fair and not get some sweets...
You can't go to the fair and not get any #candy #sweets #funfairWhy don't they make this fresh at the fair anymore. I used to love watching them make it and the twirl it on to a stick. Was so magical. It still tastes good though  #Candyfloss #funfairMy absolutely favourite #sweet but for some reason I can't find this in the shops anymore so I have to pay the #funfair extreme prices to enjoy it #sweets #candy #favourite
I bought my niece her first bag of candy floss, we went last year but we didn't get any then. I don't understand why they don't make it fresh anymore and hand you it on a stick but then again I wonder if it has something to do with health and safety. I love Fruit Caramels but for some reason they don't sell them in shops anymore so when I see them at the fair I have to get a tub even though it is so expensive and you don't get many. I almost ate them all in one go. I bought my mum a caramel nutty bar which she ate before I could photograph it.
This time last year we went to the fair for the first time with my niece, it had rained cats and dogs that year so the grass was muddy, slippy and it was freezing. This year they placed the rides along the pavement but there were still huge piles of snow and it was once again absolutely freezing.
My niece however had a wonderful time and sat on nearly every ride she could. We left earlier then we wanted as her cousins were waiting for her outside their home to stay the night. She had a great night and apparently couldn't stop crying when they went home the next day so her dad took to the fair again. Today though she asked her mum to take her again.... I think she's got a feel for rides, she's like her aunties and uncles after all :).
She didn't just get a dress as my husband bought her a slide too.
I hope that you had a good Easter!


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