Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nick alexander ~The French House~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 89p (currently 59p)
Reason I choose it: I bought it on pre-order as it sounded interesting. This is a sequel to The case of the missing boyfriend which I haven't read.
CC takes some time off a demanding London job to go and visit her new boyfriend Victor in France. Victor has inherited a house in the hills of France, he has moved over in order to renovate the run down house which has no roof, heating or electricity. He hasn't got very far with it when CC arrives like a whirlwind encouraging him to get things moving and the house up and running. She eventually gives up her job to move to France but will she stay?
My opinion
I think I fell for the cover of this book and then I liked the idea of an adventure renovating a house in France. The first chapter I though this is going to be good and almost recommended to a friend to buy it as she loves visiting France but by the 2nd chapter I knew it wasn't what I had expected and it just kind of went down hill and I forced myself to read it. It turned out to be a book about microwave meals/take aways, booze, sex and other such stuff I didn't care about... in the end I didn't care so much for the characters especially CC who I thought was pathetic. There were some weird things going on with Victors auntie which would have been so interesting to unwind over time for the big discovery of it all... a climax as such but it never came and was just cast off in a paragraph.
My Rating.
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