Monday, April 15, 2013

My weekend...

This weekend I received a gift voucher from a friend with the cutest spring birds.
Ok I can breath again, I couldn't understand what I had bought as I only ever purchased my kindle on amazon and now the books. I can't wait to spend it #snailmail #sendmoremail #giftvoucher #snailmailrocks #snailmailrevolution #amazon
It shocked me a little at first as I couldn't understand what I had bought but thankfully it wasn't anything I accidently bought. I also received a gift code for a free graze box and since I've been thinking of buying one for ages I finally got around to getting it and it should be here Wednesday. I hope I enjoy them all.
My niece has chicken pox! It means I get a lay in during my first week back #spots #card #getwellsoon #bright
My niece has chicken pox at the moment so what better card to make her then one with spots. I ended up doodling on some of the spots and I was wondering if I should stick some buttons on too as my niece loves them but I'll have to do that quickly as she will be well before then.
I really wanted a #musical one but as they are on offer I got the #spotty one too. There was a box full with designs I didn't have but I was so good! #music #musicalnotes #spots #polkadots
I bought a couple of washi tapes because I really wanted a musical one but as they were on offer for 2 I got the spotty one too. I'll probably soon use them as I've been making little samples to share too.
Added a few samples in to some mail I'm sending out #washitape #samples
I'm giving away some washi tape pegs at the moment on make my day, why not pop on over to try and get them!

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  1. Get well card with spots is really nice and that`s such a great idea for chicken pox. Hope your niece will get well soon :)


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