Friday, March 15, 2013

You'll be missed...

Twelve years ago you turned up on our doorstep in need of a home. You pushed your way in and became part of the family never straying far away and at times following us to a destination close to home. You loved being outside all night getting up to mischief with the other cats.
You were always a sick little individual but you survived the odds and continued to battle your many colds but it got to the point where your health was getting so bad that my mum was worried about taking you to the vets because they would put you down. Then on Monday you decided it was time to head back out in to the big wide world, never to return! We believe you have finally gone to the land of happiness and good health... RIP Dear Kitty!


  1. Oh noooo T.T What is this, kitty dying month?? It always hurts like hell to lose those little creatures, they give you so much love and hardly ask anything in return... but it's great that you had him for 12 years, there must have been plenty of wonderful moments to enjoy together...

    1. For us the person or animal is always so ill that when they pass away its some consolation knowing they aren't suffering anymore which is what makes it easir to deal with. Its just a shame that we have to all die at some point.

  2. :( Am so very sorry to read this love. It's never easy to lose a friend/family member *hug*


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