Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things right now...

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Things I've been up to...
  1. Finally getting around to posting The Secret Pen-Pal Scavenger Hunt on my Bubbles blog, I've been bursting to do it since I posted mine out.
  2. Taking part in a Doodle A Day Project, I'm not the best at drawing but I'm quite enjoying thinking of things to fit in with each theme.
  3. Having fun using all the fancy stamps that I've spent a fortune on buying.
  4. Reading the Garden of Water by Alan Drew
  5. Writing a super long letter on the cutest bear paper I came across in the city. I haven't found cute stationery here for years so it was such a surprise to find something affordable, cute and of great quality too.
  6. Crafting for my Make My Day blog, it felt good to post something after 3 months of posting noting.
  7. Waiting patiently for some letters to arrive, I haven't had all that many this year and its been really weird. It just typical though that I always get a whole bunch on the same day or the same week.
  8. I came across a really nice snail mail magazine on Wreck This Girls blog which she is one of the workers on. I would have loved to have done the monthly challenge on it but I don't want to burn myself out by doing too much. Hopefully they'll do one in the next issue that I can take part in. Maybe some of you will join me?
What have you been up to lately?
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  1. What a lovely stamp, and I love that little bear design paper, it's so cute! Very Boofle-esque, or at least that's what it reminds me of :)

    My letters have seemed quite slow this year too. I've sometimes only checked the PO Box once a week, and expect there to be lots, and then there's only one. Maybe mail is especially slow moving this year?

    I know I sent you a letter at least a week ago, so it should be there soon, if it's not arrived already!

    1. I know what you mean about boofle and this bear, the wooley look of it.

      I have received and replied to your letter, just haven't posted it yet!

    2. Oh, it's no rush, but I am glad that it did arrive. I hope that more mail will be coming your way soon. I checked last night, and had nothing but flyers in my PO box. So no letters at all for me this week. I was expecting some books though, as I got one on Tuesday, and at least three others were sent from bookdepository the same or next day, but they aren't here yet. Oddness.


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