Friday, March 29, 2013

Its a bear thing....

Untitled#foreverfriends #easter #rabbit #cute#foreverfriends #easter #egg  #easteregg #decoupage #cute#foreverfriends #decoupage #daffodil #spring #easter#tattyteddy #metoyou #bear #hat #flowers #easter #decoupage#tattyteddy #metoyou #egg #chocolate #easter #decoupage #cute#tattyteddy #metoyou #hotcrossbuns #easter #decoupage #cuteI completely forgot about these #metoyou #tattyteddy and forever friends #decoupages for easter. I've made them up and will create the cards later. The background paper is a #docraft #cupcakeboutique range I've stopped buying paper but could resist this p
This week I was going through my things to sort them out and came across three packs of decoupage me to you/tatty teddy bears and forever friends bears that I bought last year to give away on make my day. Well I left it too late to do that so instead I decided I'll make some cards myself as despite them being for Easter some of them have a spring feel instead to them... its only really the eggs and hot cross bun ones that are Easter ones but I'm still going to make them and send them out as they are too cute not to and after all these are the Easter holidays so I could probably get away with being a little late.
I'm now not sure which one to make for my niece as she's turning 4 on Easter Sunday! I can't believe it and the time has flown by so quickly, I'm trying to savour my mornings with her, the little conversations we have and the demands she makes to do things but those days are slipping away too quickly... especially my mornings taking her to school as she starts full time in September and I doubt I'll be able to take her. Once I get a house I'll see her even less and I doubt she'll ask to see me.
She knows and likes Tatty Teddy  so it will be one of those.
The background paper is a pack of paper I bought today, I saw it the other day and really liked it but didn't get it. Today I went to get some more foam for these decoupages incase mine runs out as I only had a little left and when I saw this pack of paper again I decided it would fit in so well with these bears and so much more. I have managed to use a lot of my paper up but there is still a fair bit I want to use so I won't be rushing to buy a lot more just yet. Its just a little tempting sometimes.
Would you like one of these cards when I'm done, Maybe there is a bear you really like?

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