Friday, March 1, 2013

A box full of something....

I first came across one of the owners of this store on Etsy which at that time was called 3.5 dollars where everything was priced at 3.5 dollars. I bought craft supplies even though many other amazing things were sold. Then Etsy changed its rules about sellers being able to sell letters sets and other such things so 3.5 dollars and Cotton Blue decided to get together and open this store. When they first opened I bought somethings but then I took part in a bet not to buy stationery for a year which I did and have done many times before in the past.
Since then I have ventured by Yozocraft a lot as I just love looking at all the amazing items but never felt the need to buy anything until recently...
and this is what I bought...
Each page is decorated inside with a fairy tale #notebook #snailmail #stationery #yozocraft #hanselandgretalEach page is decorated inside #notebook #stationery #wizardofoz #notebook #snailmail @yozocraftEach page is patterned inside #stationery #snailmail #notebook #wizardofoz #yozocraftEach page is decorated in this #notebook #stationery #snailmail @yozocraft
On Got that swings blog she once posted about writing a letter in a notebook I really loved that idea and wanted to try it at some point so when I saw these in Yozocraft's shop I couldn't help buying them even though I probably won't use the top one for a letter as its quite big but I like to pull booklets apart and trim the edges to write on. Every page in these notebooks are patterned and so pretty. I haven't photographed each one as they can be viewed in her shop. I mentioned this to a friend and she beat me to it in writing in one and I loved it as we do write about a books worth of letters anyway.
The reason I did make a purchase is these
#postcards #fanny #yozocraft #stationery #snailmail #girls#postcards #snowwhite #snailmail #yozocraft #stationery#postcards #flower #snailmail #yozocraft #stationery #variety
Postcards! I fell in love with the first batch, those big eyes and the whole way its drawn, then came the collection of snow white ones which are just a selection of fairy tales and then the flowers... so I couldn't resist buying them along with everything else that you've seen so far. I can't wait to use some of these especially on Send Something which I've been part of for over a year and only this week posted something out. I just think its nice to surprise people sometimes without having an obligation or deadline to do it.

Whilst there I came across this letter set...
#stationery #snailmail #letterset #bears #yozocraft
I love Happy Picnic sets to write on as there are plenty of lines and the paper feels nice also. My writing I feel looks nice on it so I can never resist buying the sets when I see one I haven't had before. Its just a shame the animals always look sad.
The last thing I purchased is all the paper you can see in the background of all my items. Its a wrapping paper book which I should hopefully make my own envelopes out of or use to wrap gifts where I need to. I love all the designs and if I ever buy from Yozocraft again I will definately be buying a couple more booklets... for now though I need to stop buying anything and have no more orders on there way. I also do not intend to go shopping this weekend so lets see how things go.
The only thing to spoil my package is this
Of all the free gifts I could have had :'( #pig #postitnotes #yozocraft #stationery #snailmail
of course the seller didn't know not to send me pig items but don't you think it unlucky that out of all the things I could have received I received this! Oh well, it will make a nice items to put into an envelope for someone.

One thing I would like to say is that the packaging is really good. Each item it individually wrapped in plastic, then bubble wrapped and packed in a really good and safe way.

Have a good weekend! 

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