Saturday, February 16, 2013

I think I've mastered it...

I think I may have finally mastered baking a cake
I thought I'd do a post on life right now...
  1. I said this year I was going to try and stay positive, in some cases I am but in others I am really starting to flag. I will try and keep it up as much as possible.
  2. My niece keeps begging me to bake. I was talking about it at work one lunch time when a few of us were sat there. Someone asked if I used a hand held whisk which the answer was no as she thought that I might be over whisking it. It was after this conversation that I wondered if I wasn't mixing the mixture enough. I bought 2 packet mix cake mixtures. I made one lemon drizzle cake and it was so nice and baked amazingly after I used a normal hand whisk. I decided to look up a recipe for a sponge cake and have made a couple since using the food processor, I even included blueberries and chocolate chip. They were so nice that my family demolished them and my mum said I should make a couple so she can have with her tea. The other packet mixture was a carrot cake one, I think I'll just make that one and then no others are as they are so fatty that with having made so many so far we are all going to end up even fatter.
  3. My health is still not so great, I am just so extremely tired that I can't even focus. Its not even worth having a conversation with me because I end up saying something really stupid or doing something really dumb that I feel quite embarrased about it later. I have 5 more weeks for my vitamins to finish and I've only noticed a small percentage of change. I guess we've hardly had any sun lately with so many snow and rain storms.
  4. Someone I know is selling their house. I went to see it and I love the actual house but not the way the garden and road are set out. I'm so stuck in what to do and my husband just won't talk about it. Then this week my sister and her husband stuck their oar in once again, this time by telling my husband that their neighbour came round offering to sell their house and he should buy it. I've always made it clear I hate the area but my husband is really considering it. I'm going to go and see the first house again tomorrow to decide if I really want the house and if I can live with the way its set up outside.... I just feel really fed up with this whole house searching and buying thing now that I just want it to end. I actually wish someone would just go and choose one and then get me to buy it.
  5. I feel bad that I haven't commented on any of your blogs even though I have read your posts but I have been spending more time trying to search for a house and just relaxing. I haven't even read a book for a while but hopefully tonight.
  6. I now have a weeks holiday so hopefully I'll be able to craft a lot :). I've already made a start on writing lots of postcards for the boys on PostPals
How are things with you?

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