Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear... Retirement!

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Dear Nobody in Particular,
How are you today? I am returning back to work after a glorious week off where as usual I crafted, wrote a letter but didn't read a single book... well you can't fit everything in. My health is still up and down but it is at least some consolation now that I aren't imagining it and its all down to my Vitamin D levels being extremely low. I only have 4 more weeks of Vitamins left but I know I need more as so far the rushing in my ears, the nausea and the odd ache has gone but everything else is still there that were giving me grief before (mainly the tiredness, aching ankles and stomach pains).
I was sat looking through my flickr for a photo I could use for a blog post when I decided to go back and look at all my old creations and photos, it seems like such a life time ago when I created some of these and makes me realise that at times I could keep things simple then also. It however reminded me also that I have been meaning to ask someone, anyone for some inspiration for a craft project I could do for a retirement. There are very little people I would want to spoil in my work place but there is one lady whose been quite neutral and a person you could talk to if you wanted, she's taking early retirement and I'll quite miss her when she leaves. I want to put together either something handmade or one of those now that you're retired kits you need to.... but I don't know where to start or what to do so I'm wondering if any of you could help me with some ideas. I've tried Pinterest but the search for me is pretty useless.
Do you every sit and look at old photos, letters and other such things?


  1. I've been seeing a lot of old and then really old photos lately since my Grandma passing. There has been so much to go through, old embarassing photos from when I was younger with huge glasses, from when my mum was young (even found a newspaper clipping of my grandparents and my two uncles (really little) when they were getting ready to fly up north, and then even older from when my Grandpa was little (he just turned 83 or 84?) So it's been really neat to see all of that. I also think that we are losing that type of history, with so much of things going digital. We hardly ever print photos off on paper any more, it's all on computers or phones or still on the cameras themselves.

    Also, letter went out in the mail to you on Friday or over the weekend :)

    1. Its such a nice thing that you're able to go through everything, laugh and cry about it. I agree about the photos etc... but part of me thinks that maybe its a good thing that everything will be lost this way because it really makes me cringe seeing people sell old photos, letters etc... at flea markets and then for those photos to be used in a craft project or something.

      I look forward to your letter as I haven't had much mail this year so miss it.

    2. Yeah...I've never really understand the buying of old letters and photos and stuff like that. I follow a blog of someone who loves vintage stuff, and her love of it is really cool, but it boggles my mind that she loves to buy other peoples old photos, I just don't understand it personally. I don't think she uses them for anything, I think she just keeps them-though I could be wrong. It just boggles my mind some.

      Anyhow, hope that my letter reaches you sooner rather than later! :)


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