Thursday, February 7, 2013

A month full of Challenges...

I'm getting sucked in to the world of swapping again but there are just so many great swaps to take part in that I just can't resist... Last year I took part in the Lovely Letters swap/Package which I enjoyed and this year so far I've created Valentines cards for


which was quite a challenge as I don't work much with hearts. I wanted to create 4 different cards then 4 assembly line style cards so I really had to get my brain working. Its one of the reasons I joined was to get myself to work with hearts to make up for the lack of doing something with them. I still find the whole concept of Valentines Day being for all loved ones as I've always known it to be a couples day which makes it weird. I will of course blog those on my BurstsofBubbles blog on Valentines Day.
For some time now I've been following this blog...
I love all the artistic creations that people have created using the base of an envelope. I didn't pay attention to the fact I could actually take part until I saw a post one day saying that there was only 1 day left to sign up! Without taking a moment to think about it I signed up, then came an are you sure e-mail which I agreed to. Part of me is scared stiff of creating something as I've no idea what to do but thats the thing with me I love that challenge! Looking at the latest two entries I feel a little hot under the collar so to speak about what I may have taken on but that also adds to the excitement of it as I'm curious to see what I can come up with. I had the option of picking 4 or 10 envelopes and I went for the first so I haven't over done it and it should be a nice experience :). I've received my partners and it should hopefully be something I'll do this weekend (unless I'm lucky enough to have another snow day!). Again when I've completed this and my partners have received them I will be posting them on my BurstsofBubbles blog.
Another blog I've been following for some time is
Wreck This Girl's Mailbox
Its a mixed bag blog like mine so you get a little bit of everything... with some free printable stationery thrown in. Yesterday when I came online I came across her latest post which consisted of this
swap but it was too good to resist and I've signed up. You have just over a week to sign up which is why I'm sharing it but also for me it means I can look forward to my holidays and this swap also.

I really need myself to stop signing up for swaps but it just gives me a little something to look forward to as well as to fill my mail box between letters.

If you ever see any swaps that you think I may enjoy let me know and then I can check out and see if I have the time for it.

For such a short months its going to be a nice but busy one!


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