Monday, January 28, 2013

The day after a snowstorm

#snow #bootsAnother snowy day #bradford #snowCleared main roads #snow #bradford #car#snowOn my way back home, it was harder walking up as not as many people had walked like now #snow #skyline #sky#snow #roadWhy is my car covered worse then those in all other photos #snow #car
My #footprints, I love being the first #snowThree police ladies walked by with a shovel, one complaining about needing some wellingtons #snow #policeUntitled
I didn't have any intention of posting anymore snow photos on here as after all it snows in most parts of the world anyway but I had to post these after yesterdays weather changes. On Friday night and early Saturday morning a snowstorm began. I looked outside and it looked amazing that I really wished I had a SLR camera to be able to photograph it but I don't so didn't.
Waking up Saturday morning the world looked something like this. From the 3rd photo down its my journey home after walking up the hill to get my eyebrows done (I'm still being good and keeping on top of it, nearly a whole year!). It was such a horrible task of walking up as I was one of the first to walk up the hill and it was like having sticky glue stuck to your shoes and having to pull yourself up. It was deep enough for my feet to sink in and be covered. I ended up walking on the road just to get up the hill quicker. I actually regretted not driving when I got to the top of the hills and seen how clean the roads were... they were not so clean an hour earlier when my brother left for work.
The other reason I regretted it is that you couldn't cross the road for puddles along the kerb... it looked like your average snow and you'd make the mistake of stepping on it only to sink into water. I did take photos of that, I thought I'd uploaded them straight to my flickr from my phone but hadn't so I'm quite annoyed about that.
Anyway walking back down the hill was a lot easier as a lot more people had walked that way, one of the people I met along the way was this person...
On my walk home I met a carrot eyeless and Brussel sprouts buttoned #snowman. #snow
I couldn't help smiling and I love the idea of the carrot eyes and the Brussel sprout buttons even though they are rolling away....

Saturday night the wind rattled the windows and the rain must have poured because we woke up to this....
The bottom end of a day after a snowstormThe day after a snow storm, weird isn't it
It was the weirdest feeling to open my curtains after seeing whiteness for 2 whole weeks, we've never had snow for that long for such a long time. Apparently though we are expecting more at the end of the week or the beginning of next week. For once the met office haven't been wrong but maybe just maybe this time they will be.
I had to blog to show the oddness of a clear day, the day after a snowstorm.... What's the weather like at your end?


  1. i love looking at snow I just don't want to live where it's at too cold

    1. Snow is pretty to look at and also so magical when it falls, on the days it does its not cold at all when its falling and afterwards... its more when it turns to ice. I like snow when its fresh but not afterwards.

  2. the pictures look amazing!!

    I just love snow but we had nothing here - just good ol rain.

    1. We didn't get any snow last year so I guess its making up for it now :P.... we also have the good old rain!

  3. These are great photos of snow I love photos of snow covered stuff may not feel the same way if I lived in an area that snows.......


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