Thursday, December 13, 2012

My mistake

I always wish that I had never gone in to working after I completed my nursery nursing diploma but took up some course for a year before deciding what I really wanted to do as education was free in those days but I would hopefully have had more job opportunities then I have now. If I ever quit my job there are no jobs at all if I ever wanted to get back in to it.


  1. sometimes we don't know what the future holds till it gets here

  2. So far, I haven't made a decision that I truly regret which is something I'm very happy about and I must say, I consider myself as very lucky because whenever I truly wanted something, I've got a chance to do it... But I also think that if YOU truly want something, you will be able to do it too, eventually, so hold on to your dreams!! I know from my own experience that it's never too late to make a new start and you should be aware of that too ^^ Hugs, xx


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