Saturday, December 1, 2012


I can not believe it is the 1st day of December already! Where has the year gone? To be honest I ask myself this all the time as since I got married 6 years ago life has been pretty much the same... I really can't think of anything new or different that I have done so maybe just maybe 2013 might be the fun adventurous and happy year I've been waiting for....fingers crossed
  • Lately I've been thinking that I should get stuck in to blogging again. I hope to blog during the week and then do nothing on the weekend.... book reviews, snail mail, crafts, shopping but also re-introduce my dear.... posts and get back to posting about my culture with recipes. I should really start this resolution from next week... lets see how it goes.
  • I follow mikisscrapbook blog and today she did a blog post about a joint blog event with 3 other ladies that she's doing. Its called 'The Totally Awesome Blog Hop' which will hopefully be a great way to find new blogs to enjoy. I have been thinking how when I first got in to blogging it was so easy to find blogs that were different to mine but ones I enjoyed reading due to the writing style etc... but now I hardly visit any or have many people visit (and comment) mine. I tried swap-bot swaps which to start with were good but as time goes on I haven't liked them as much plus it doesn't help that many of the people joining them have blogs in a foreign language which you are expected to comment and follow! Really what are we going to gain out of that. I'd rather have people want to stalk my blog because the enjoy what I post rather then being forced to stalk.
  • I no longer understand what the point of an estate agent is. My husband this week phoned to make an appointment for 4 houses. Three of them were with the same agents and he said they were so rude to him, wouldn't even give him a time that was suitable especially after 3pm because its getting too dark to show a house at that time! Honestly isn't it there job to show the house regardless of the climate and time of day! When I first started viewing houses they used to give Saturday appointments so why not anymore as they are open all day anyway. The 4th house had only just been put online the night before but my husband was told it had sold.
  • I wish Royal Mail website was set out better and that you could post complaints on their website. I nearly shouted at the postman today. I heard him post the letters so went and collected them, I was so disappointed to find there was nothing for me. I have this past month really missed getting letters more often, it makes it so tempting to take on more friends. Even though right now I can manage it I don't want there to come a time when I feel ambushed by all the replies as I'm one of those people who get all letters etc... around the same time. Anyway 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door, I opened it to find the postman there, I asked him why he didn't use the doorbell because if my mum is home she has the Telly on and fairly loud too so we can't always here the door at the front (as we sit in the back). As I was asking him, I pressed the doorbell and it worked, he was adamant he'd pressed it twice and started shouting at me that we have a faulty doorbell because he did press it. I just closed the door... it makes me so angry due to the fortune I spend every year sending letters and this is the thanks you get for keeping an idiot like that in a job. The website just tells you to phone up which means you'll get an equally rude and crappy person to talk to as well as a hefty phone bill. I get the feeling he was actually stood outside writing a slip which would have resulted in me having to collect it but with pulling the mail out of the letter box he'll have heard it so had no choice but to knock. The only good thing was that the package was for me, my first of many Christmas presents
  • My health still isn't great, I've only had a phone call from the nurse for another blood test. Even that turned in to a farce. I came home from work and my mum to told me someone phoned from the doctors, I phoned was on hold for 10 minutes when someone finally answered I was told there was no record of the call and if it was from them that person would phone me back. My mum had just nipped out and when she came back she told me it was definately them. I decided to just go down there. As soon as I mentioned someone phoned me, they got my name up and surprise surprise someone had and that person only works until 12pm so there was no way they'd phone me back whilst I was at home. She'd just booked me in to an appointment for a really stupid time, when I said I couldn't make it I was given a phone number and told to phone before 11am (I work from 8.15- 11.20am or 12.45 depending on which lunch I'm on). I had to get my mum to phone and she sorted it out. The thing she wanted to test me for I was convinced I don't have but after going almost bog-eyed from searching I finally found websites that link majority of my symptoms to it so now I'm keeping an open mind as to it maybe or maybe not being that since IBS also matches my symptoms too. I won't say too much now as I have my test in 2 weeks time, I do hope its not this though even though I would love a clearer reason as to why I feel so crappy all the time.
  • Winter is officially here in Bradford as we've had a thick layer of frost the past 2 mornings. Its meant to snow this weekend but hopefully it will bypass us.
  • Now I'm going to go over to my bubbles blog and start posting my Christmas cards which should be in the mail soon to everyone. I just need to get some airmail stickers. I also really need to start buying Christmas/birthday presents for some of my friends but I really don't feel motivated for it.
Wishing you all a wonderful December


  1. Hello! Found you on Miki's Blog hop so thought I would say a quick hi! Get stuck in on the blogging but dont worry about the stats! Blog the stuff you like and because you enjoy it, not for the readers, thats what ive learnt. Postmen!! Don't get me started! I am so fed up of royal mail and all courier services for that matter, we have had a load of problems lately, including a £140 camera lens not making it to its destination even though we paid for 24 hour, recorded, signed for and extra insured. only to be told unless we can produce the original recipt of the product when we bought it we wouldnt get any money back! Do they tell you that when then sell you insurance at £10 more, no they dont!! We had it second hand a number of years ago, so dont have a recipt, they lost it even though its recorded, tracked and signed for, now we have to give the money back to the guy who bought it and we lose all that money, so very annoyed! Anyway! Hope you get your helath sorted, IBS sucks - my hubby, mum and mother in law all have it, but at least its a diagnosis which is better than wondering half the time.
    Daisy Dayz

    1. Its true what you say but I feel a little bored with my blog and think it needs a shake up. I'll just have to see how things go.

      So far other mail services have been fine even Parcel Force which I know is connected with RM. RM have just messed up for me so much this year that they have irriated me beyond belief. Still I haven't had a nightmare like yours. That is just too much money to lose out on and like you said they never said they wanted proof of the amount you spent, just proof of postage. Its just a nasty situation that no one should be involved in especially when you've posted it as you have.

  2. Hi, found you through the totally awesome blog hop! I totally agree with daisymay aka Chantele - you should just blog about the things you love and because you enjoy it. It has to be sincere, then people will notice you eventually. Have a nice December!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

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  4. here wishing you a wonderful and happy December

  5. Oh, I'm sorry you've been having health problems! :( I hope they find out what it is so that you can get proper treatment and start feeling better ;).

    Thanks for mentioning me! :p



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