Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marianne Wheelaghan ~Food of Ghosts~

I posting this book review today as this book is being released today for you to buy as a paperback or on you kindle.

Read: On Kindle
Paid: This was a gift
Reason I choose it: I read
'The Blue Suitcase' by Marianne Wheelaghan and I really enjoyed it, months later I still think about it and often talk about it. Recently the author came by my blog when my review came up on google and she left a lovely comment but also e-mailed me. We've e-mailed each other ever since and she offered me the chance to read her 2nd novel so I agreed. I've never been given such a gift before so I truely appreciated it.
Louisa Townsend is a 30 something year old female who was born and spent some of her childhood on the island of Tarawa in the pacific. She moved to Edinburgh and spent the rest of her time there until one day something happened to encourage her to apply for a job with the European Police Force where she got the job and moved back to Tarawa. The only problem is that it wasn't quite as she remembered it but little bits of information slowly come back to her as time goes on.
A couple of months in to being on the island there is a murder in the town she is living in and she is the person who is recommended to solve the crime. She ends up having to jump many hurdles and barriers along the way... the biggest one is being female in a male dominated world and one that believe in some old fashioned myths.
In the process of trying to discover the murder of one person someone else is murdered and then it turns out that a 3rd could also be connected... What is going on?
On top of everything else Louisa is struggling with her OCD... What is she going to do and can she solve the mystery of all these murders?
My Opinion
As you know I like my prologues and epilogues which this book didn't have so I was still sat quite on the fence as to whether or not I was going to enjoy this book as to me it felt like it started in the middle of no where.  I read the book on and off for a few days as I did other things but on Sunday when I finally sat to have a good read I couldn't put it down and wanted to finish it..... the only downside was that I had to work the next day so it was a really impatient day to get back to it. I don't critise the starter though as I think I need to get used to different ways of writing as this is the 2nd crime book I've read starting this way and struggled with the other too for the same reason but really liked that at the end of it all.
The descriptions of everything is really thorough so you can imagine exactly what the setting is like, the island but also how bad Louisa's OCD is so I could see mess everywhere around me which resulted in a good cleaning of my bedroom for a bit until I decided I didn't want to spend my holidays doing that so got on with some projects to make a mess instead. I'm also really fascinated by the island of Tarawa now and would love to know more about it.
Its a fairly quick read and its the first part of a series so if you enjoy this book you won't be disappointed to know that Louisa will be on many more adventures in the future.
My Rating


  1. Hi Samrana, thank you so much for this positive 4 strawberry " really good" review. Really appreciate you taking the time to read Food of Ghosts and then reviewing it :)
    All good wishes


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