Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super powers....

I'd love to just be able to have the ability to clean/declutter by doing something not to obvious (like rubbing my fingers together, touching my nose etc...). That way if I enter a messy place I can just do whatever and the place will end up sparkling without anyone knowing it was me.
My mum is such a hoarder that it drives all of us insane at times at how much junk is around the house. Its one of the reason I hope to have a craft room once I get a house in order for everything to stay in there and then that can be my kind of messy place. The rest of the house will hopefully be minimal.
What about you?


  1. Teleport myself:D I would easily visit all world.
    But if it's too big a wish, then I'd be happy to have a power to immediatelly find my things around the house:P

  2. I never thought of that one, it would be nice to travel from country to country really quickly and for free too.


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