Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn Adventure....

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On Thursday I finally had holidays but I still had to get up early for my niece. I took her to school and she asked me to come and get her. This is the conversation we have every morning... Will you come to collect me Khala? The answer is usually no except on Fridays.

After I collected her from school we went to the park which I've never seen in Autumn and I absolutely loved it but we didn't have time to walk through all the park as I had an appointment. Still where we did go my niece was over the moon to go.

I would love to have let her run wild in the leaves but with not having wellies on I couldn't let her completely let her hair down as her sock would have ended up wet. Later we were watching TV and there were children running through leaves and throwing them in the air... she suddenly shouting 'Khala I want to do that' which made me feel quite bad that I couldn't have let her enjoy the leaves completely.
It was so weird to see flowers in the park, especially at this time of year as the temperature has dropped a lot. Still I guess you can do anything when you use potted plants.
It must have been great to live here #park #listerpark #autumn #building #cartwrighthall#building #leaves #trees #cartwrighthall #listerpark #path #benchLove the colours #listerpark #tree #autumn #leaves#archway #view #building #listerpark #cartwrighthallVisited the park with my niece today #park #archway #autumnLooking through the wall from a child's view, still so beautiful #view #wall #fountain #water
I could take photos of this building all day as there are so many different angels to it. We had some fun in the adventure playground where I took many more wonderful photos of my niece before adventuring down to the lake....
This #pair of #ducks came wanting food but unfortunately I forgot to take some bread with me.#ducks #lake #listerpark #autumn
Of course we couldn't leave without visiting the ducks but I'd forgotten to take some bread and they were all so hungry. Those on the path and in the water came rushing over as we were walking down and once they realised we had nothing they left just as quickly. Whilst we were near the ducks we saw a grey squirrel bouncing around. My niece wanted to go and talk to it but I had to stop her as she didn't understand that it would be scared of us.
After an hour we left, I went to my appointment then home for something to eat before finally getting up to take my niece to the library as I honestly can't remember the last time I took her as I don't get to spend as much time with her now when I come back from work as my mum is teaching her the Islamic alphabet in order to be able to read the Qu'ran one day. I didn't end up taking her to my local library but one closer to where she lives which is such a cute little building...
I came across some Mr Men books which I showed my niece, she was over the moon to see them as its the last thing we watch before she has to go to school. I don't like the way the cartoons made but she loves it especially Mr Rude. I've actually bought her a complete Mr Men collection for Eid but I won't be getting it until after my holidays.

They also have some toys in this library which my niece played with before we ventured home by which point we were both like a set of drunks with exhaustion.
I didn't get to rest yesterday either so today I woke up with the most hideous headache, it doesn't help that I stayed up a little later then usual reading a book either. Still I've got a whole week to enjoy now but I'm sure it will soon fly by.
Are you have any autumn adventures or are you unlucky to be experiencing snow right now?


  1. What a beautiful photo of the leaves and that library damn I remember a library near where I live that was a nice cute little library and I love going there as most of the libraries are large placese now.......Mr Men books brings up so nice memories

  2. Beautiful photos! We have just had our first SNOW!


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