Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is it just a passing phase or do I really need you?

From the desk of... Rubber Stamps
(I wish I had an office job just so I could buy that 2nd stamp!)
(I want all of them from this shop!)

Lately I've been so attracted to old fashioned typewriters, cameras, telephones and other such things. It makes me want to purchase everything I see. It's not just rubberstamps but other items too which look so cutely delicious and in need of a home with me! Of course though I need to think logically about whether I have the space or need for such things but its still so tempting.

What are you having fads for lately?


  1. where do find these cute things i love them

    1. These are all on Etsy, just follow the links. They are so pretty and would be fun to craft with.

  2. I love anything vintage, and I desperately need some of those stamps for my scrap-booking!
    I also love Steampunk too, the pictures are just fantastic, so I'm using them a lot on my posts! ;)

  3. I think I'm heading more in that direction myself as vintage seems to have that bit of edge and quality to it. I'll have to look up steampunk as I haven't heard of it before.


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