Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the 80s....

Yesterday I made my weekly stop at the supermarket and my niece always tells me she 'needs' to see the toys which thankfully she only touches and presses the buttons but never asks me to buy anything. Whilst making my way to the toys through the books, magazines and newspapers I spotted these 2 'Where's Wally' Postcard books which I loved as it just reminded me of my childhood. My niece also knows who he is as my sister bought a small pocket sized one for £1 when it was world book day here and my niece can find him in everyone but I'm sure when she's older and can read she'll look for all the other millions of objects listed at the back. It made me think of all the toys that I came across in the 80s....

1. Rubix Cube~ I was one of those people who couldn't crack it.
2. Marbles
3. Pac Man on our Commodor 64
4. Roller Skates, those that were adjustable to fit your feet with straps.
5. Operation
6.Guess Who
7. Game of Life
8. Pogs
9. Etch-a-sketch
10. Gordon the Gopher... his squeeks got so annoying after a while.

We had of course other things that were from the 80s but we didn't get them until the 90s.

Those of you that were around in the 80s, What did you enjoy or remember of that time?
Those of you that weren't what do you remember from the decade you were born?


  1. I love that I was born in the 80's :) Growing up, I had amazing toys. I feel sad for the kids today. All is so high tech. Ok, I also loved my Super NIntendo, but I also had these great board games, I always loved a simple memory games. I grew up with comodor, like you... Pac Man and some role play games later on. Etch-a-sketch!!! I also had a thing called spyrograph... that made these amazing geometrical shapes. <3 I can not find anything like that today anymore.

    You got the where's wally book for a pound? I need to beg you to get me one, I transfer you that and the shipping costs!!! :D I have no idea where to get it here. I need to check the German amazon, hm...O_o

    1. I agree, I think we had great toys since we just missed the over the top computer fads, also school was much more simple unlike now where there are targets to be met, all has to involve computers its so.... sufforcating.

      Oh! The mini book my niece has in a smaller version of the big Where's Wally Books but these are a lot more (nearly £4 a book), I thought to myself its 30p a postcard of a landscape so these work out way cheaper for 30 postcards which is why I bought 2 for nearly £8. If you'd still like one let me know. This one has the red cover and the other a blue one.

    2. I checked an online store here and I found the postcard books! They are... let me see... around 6,8 and 7 punds each. I just took the chance and got them as shipping was for free :) I just had to, so nice! These are the memories from my childhood and I do not know why, but at the moment I am clasping tightly onto them!

      I think we grew up at a good time. If I look at the school system now, I am glad I am not a kid these days. I fond t annoying that kids HAVE to have mobile phones and such. My 12 years old niece has a laptop, an ipod and heaven knows what, she does her make up for quite a while... that is shocking to me. I started with that much later and I had y first mobile phone with 17 and did not even want one. Ok, they just started to be popular, but still. it is all about brands... :/ (I never owned an ipod nor do I ever want one, same goes for Iphones. I only use the HTC smartphone as I got it for free xD)

    3. I saw these and didn't even think twice about it so I know why you also felt the need to buy them, it is just associated with hours of finding him... the other thing that came to mind is those 3D images that we all could not help screwing our eyes up to see the image but I think those were a 90s fad.

      I rarely go into the birthday celebration for children at work but yesterday I was there for part of it and was a little gobsmacked at all the children wanted ipods, ipads, iphones and other such things that I didn't even know what they were. I have an iphone which went unclaimed after being left in my brother or Adeels car and Adeel was using it and gave it to me. I have a mobile phone so brick from the year I don't know what which is never switched on. I just think its sad that they have no imagination outside of technology.

    4. Ohh, that is right! I had a lot of these 3-D books. My dad gave them to me. My mom never got it. I spotted them mostly quite easily, but these days I fail miserably at it! All these things you suddenly remember...
      I also had to buy a magazine for teenagers in Germany which I used to read 15 years ago. What was cool back then is SO awful these days! A disappointment.

      I had a simple sony ericson phone before. text messages, a simple camera which I never used and calls. That was all I needed. Antti gave me this phone for my birthday and yeah, I like using it a lot, but I would never have bought one on my own. :)

  2. i remember parachute pants and jackets with lots of zippers. playing Pacman and spending more time outside then in. yep 80's were a great time

    1. oh your parachute pants reminded me of shell suits, ear muffs and bermuda shorts. We had such terrible fashion I think as I love childrens clothes now but in those days there was nothing nice to wear.

  3. what about Connect Four and Guess Who?!? I had both of them! :)

    1. I'd forgotten about connect four we had a game set of that too, there are just so many great games to list like Cludeo and Monopoly, some I don't even remember the names of. There was also Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Little Ponies, Trolls etc...


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