Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Christie Watson~Tiny Sunbirds Far Away~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 99p
Reason I choose it: It was part of the kindle spring sale of 99p books and I love books set in different countries and the reviews were good so I bought it.

Blessing is a 12 year old girl living in Nigera's most expensive street in Lagos and you have to have a great job to be able to live there to afford the expenses of the properties. She enjoys sitting at a window seat all day watching life outside. She goes to a great school with air conditioning, sparkling marble floors and a water fountain as well as the opportunity to a top education....

All that comes crashing down one day when her father goes to work and her mother out only to realise she's forgotten something and returns home to find their father with another women. The father leaves saying he no longer wants to be with the family and soon stops paying the rent which means that the whole family have to move to the village where her grandparents live.

They travel to the village with a one legged and blind in one eye driver to the most shocking of situation. There's no water, electricity, toilets, air conditioning and what Blessing didn't account for was having to convert to Islam like her grandparents did and to pray daily in the mosque they had built in their back garden.

In that year life really is an adventure.....

My Opinion
I haven't got anything negative to say about this book as it was written really good for a 12 year old girl prospective. Where she is confused its normal and you realise how much this 'child' takes on in the world whilst her mother grieves and tries to feed the family with all the hours she can work only to ignore the real problems in her family. There is so much to this book but I don't want to tell you all by spoiling the story....

It makes you realise how much we don't appreciate enough what we have.




  1. that cover is so cool and the book sound good as well

  2. All the covers for this book are really nice and its a good but shocking book.


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