Monday, April 30, 2012

My week in Photographs....

I decided as I'm going a little insane taking photos of anything and everything lately that I might as well share them on here with you. Its to let you know of what my week was like last week....
#postcard #hearts #thankyou
I received some lovely mail from unexpected people. I now need to make the time to reply in some way to them.
My niece and I went to the supermarket twice last week as I needed some bread and fruit for our lunch (my husband and I)
Letter set
I started a letter last Monday! and I still haven't completed it because I just couldn't focus after having my migraine last week. I managed to write a little over the weekend but hopefully I'll complete it within the next couple of days. Its to one of my super long writing friends.
It rained all week and weekend. Its worse when I'm working as the children can't go out to play so all are irritated.

On Sunday
After having a bath and before having breakfast I went to the laundrettes in order to miss the rush that would come after 12pm due to it raining non-stop all week. Most houses I know don't have a dryer...
As soon as we cleared all the breakfast things my sister in law turned up with her family. She left the children with me and went out with my mum. They sat eating Pistachios whilst watching Horrid Henry.
#pistachio #bowl
My mum and sister went to see someone who got their son married and they gave boxes of Mithai, I managed to almost have one land on my head when it fell out of the cupboard and all over the floor (knew you'd laugh!) so there was only this one left... it was such a sugar over load...
Before I could finally relax I had to make dinner which today was Ladies Fingers (Okra). I tried taking a photo of the finished dish but due to the steam it was too blurry.
I'm now trying to not use frames on my photos and I think they look so much better. Hopefully you'll agree.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love instagram/pictures posts. That little program is so easy to use and so addicting! yay! I love the pictures with the apple, and the shoes in the rain. Pistachios are my favorites. They are just so expensive here. :(
    I will spend my last free day now writing letters <3

    1. I know its so addictive and another way for me to waste my time... sigh! Its just a shame I can't pretake photos, alter them later and then add to my Instagram as I find it easir using my Instagram camera to my main one as I can frame things much better.

      Pistachios are just expensive all over, I've no idea why, maybe they are hard to grow!?

  2. great set of photos and yum those lady fingers look delish. From the looks of things your week went well

    1. I dislike making them but they do taste great :). The week was insane but the weekend was nice and relaxing.

  3. I loved you old blog, I love th new. Thank you or sharing your pics and everyday things on pretty posts!

    1. Well I'm glad you've come past this one and will enjoy it just as much :)

  4. I had a lovely weekend, I was outside A LOT because there was a lot of sunshine in Berlin, whereas over here the sun is almost inexistant.
    Looks like you had a good weekend, too!
    Take care!

    1. Oh! Its hard to imagine sunshine after the last month of grey cloudless skies most of the time but its nice that you had such a great weekend anyway ;). My weekend was nice and relaxed at least!

  5. Wow, I haven't check blogs for so long and see you have a new blog now. Lovely photos, with and without frames:) Mithai looks like something interesting to try.

    1. I was actually thinking about you the other day and wondering what you were up to. I can't buy a house so I thought I'd change blogs instead ;)... this one will hopefully have more of my own photos on it.

      If you ever make your way here, I'll take you to a shop to try all of them... you have to have a series sweet tooth to enjoy it.


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